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Login Screen
login screenshot
The first screen presented to the user is the login screen where they enter their username and password to log into the IMAP server.
Message List
message list screenshot
After the user logs in, the first folder that is opened is the INBOX. This is the summary of the INBOX folder with the message listing on the right, and the folder listing on the left. The folder list (left) and tool bar (top) are always present inside SquirrelMail for easy navigation.

Reading a Message
message display screenshot
One of the most common tasks performed by an email client is actually reading messages. This is the message reader for SquirrelMail. It is designed to allow unobstructed and easy reading.
Folder Management
folder management screenshot
Since IMAP folders are stored on the server, it is also essential to have a proper folder management utility. SquirrelMail supports all the necessary functions used when managing folders: create, delete, rename, subscribe, and unsubscribe.

options page screenshot
SquirrelMail is highly configurable. There are five main configuration sections included in the base distribution. Plugins can also create option sections that integrate seamlessly into the rest of the options.
Display Options
display options screenshot
Here is a close-up look at one of the options sections, the display options. This is where the look and feel of SquirrelMail can be tweaked by the user and has such options as language, theme, the use of JavaScript, etc.

message composition screenshot
When composing an email inside SquirrelMail, all the necessary features are within reach. The compose screen allows for spell checking, attachments, and priorities.
Address Book
address book screenshot
Users can store email contacts in personal and shared address books.

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