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This document lists plugins that depend on the Compatibility plugin.

Quick Summary

Today, most every currently maintained plugin is compatible with the newest version of SquirrelMail and the 2.x series of the Compatibility plugin (or have working test versions available upon asking). The only plugins of concern are those in the 1.x list below that have yet to be updated. Ask plugin authors for help or ask for assistance on the plugins mailing list if you need to use one of those.


Other plugins might implicitly use the Compatibility plugin when installed in older SquirrelMail environments, but such plugins will work no matter what version of Compatibility is installed.

Some plugins as listed below require a specific version of the Compatibility plugin (version 1.x or version 2.x), and some are version-agnostic. Unfortunately, you cannot run both the 1.x and 2.x versions of Compatibility at the same time, although plugin authors are trying their best to update their code for Compatibility version 2.x.

If a plugin depends on Compatibility version 1.x, you MUST use Compatibility v.1.x. If Compatibility version 2.x is installed, that plugin will break.

Compatibility plugin required, but ANY version is OK

  • addgraphics 2.3
  • login_auto
  • shared calendars - "Alan in Toronto" reported this plugin to work with Compatibility 2.0.11
  • timeout_user
  • username - "WB5RMG" reported this plugin to work with Compatibility 2.x

Compatibility version 1.x dependencies

IMPORTANT NOTE: The plugins in this category were written with Compatibility 1.x in mind, but some of them will still work with 2.x (thus they belong in the category above). However, these plugins have not yet been tested to determine which ones work with Compatibility 2.x. Please test and help update this list.

  • auto_cc 2.0
  • change_ldappass 1.8
  • change_merakpass
  • change_passwd (but an updated version that works with 2.x is available from the author)
  • change_qldforward
  • courier_vacation (but an updated version that works with 2.x is available from the author)
  • cpanel_pw_changer
  • file_manager (but an updated version that works with 2.x is available from the author)
  • ldifimport
  • meteosat
  • newuser_wiz 1.2 (but see fix below)
  • sent_confirmation (but an updated version that works with 2.x is available from the author)
  • Server Side Filter (serversidefilter) (but its latest version available on its project site (linked from the plugin page) does not rely on Compatibility 1.x)
  • show_ssl_link (but an updated version that works with 2.x is available from the author)
  • smallcal (note that "shared calendars" includes the smallcal functionality and doesn't rely on Compatibility 1.x)
  • weather

Compatibility version 2.x dependencies

Note that this list is not complete by any means. Many plugins require Compatibility 2.x implicitly (especially if you are running an old version of SquirrelMail) or explicitly. You should ALWAYS read the plugin documentation before installing.

  • change_sqlpass
  • custom_from (requires 2.0.15)
  • Empty Folders (requires 2.0.12)
  • Lockout (requires 2.0.11)
  • Login Manager (Vlogin) (requires 2.0.12)
  • Multilogin (requires 2.0.12)
  • Quicksave (requires 2.0.7)
  • Restrict Senders (requires 2.0.10)
  • Spam Buttons (requires 2.0.7)
  • Autocomplete (requires 2.0.7)

Note: Compatibility v2.x includes backward compatibility with Compatibility v1.x, which works in some (but not all) cases. Primarily, this means that plugins that have files in them that are requested directly by the user browser will not work with v2.x unless they are specifically updated, but any other plugins should continue to work seamlessly with Compatibility 2.x.

SquirrelMail 1.4.11, newuser_wiz 1.3.2, Compatibility 2.0.3

newuser_wiz can be made to work with this compatibility plugin by adding two require_once lines to wiz-submit.php.\n



require_once(SM_PATH . 'functions/global.php');
require_once(SM_PATH . 'functions/strings.php');

// include compatibility plugin

Without them you get a fatal error with missing function php_self().

SquirrelMail 1.4.15, Compatibility 2.0.13, Server Side Filter 1.5-1.2.7-RC1

NOTE! This applies to an out-of-date version of this plugin. The latest version, 2.0, works as-is with Compatibility 2.x

It looks like you can make this work with this Compatibility plugin if you do the same procedure similar to above. Edit options.php and add the two require_once lines:


if (!defined('SM_PATH'))


require_once(SM_PATH . 'functions/global.php');

require_once(SM_PATH . 'functions/strings.php');

// Include the Compatibility plugin.

include_once(SM_PATH . 'plugins/compatibility/functions.php');

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