Manage personal address book.

require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/addressbook.php') (line 28)
require_once (SM_PATH.'include/validate.php') (line 25)

SquirrelMail required files.

require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/html.php') (line 30)
require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/forms.php') (line 31)
require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/strings.php') (line 29)
require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/global.php') (line 26)
addressbook_inp_field (line 68)

Make an input field

void addressbook_inp_field (string $label, string $field, string $name, string $size, array $values, string $add)
  • string $label
  • string $field
  • string $name
  • string $size
  • array $values
  • string $add
address_form (line 85)

Output form to add and modify address data

void address_form ( $name,  $submittext, [ $values = array()])
  • $name
  • $submittext
  • $values
list_writable_backends (line 128)

Provides list of writeable backends.

Works only when address is added ($name='addaddr')

  • return: html formated backend field (select or hidden)
string list_writable_backends (string $name)
  • string $name: name of form

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