This is the code to view the message header.

require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/imap.php') (line 26)
require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/global.php') (line 25)
require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/html.php') (line 27)
require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/url_parser.php') (line 28)
require_once (SM_PATH.'include/validate.php') (line 24)
parse_viewheader (line 44)

Extract message headers

  • return: List of all message headers, where each element is a sub-array that contains two elements: header name and header value (in that order) where the header value is HTML-formatted, ready for display in browser
array parse_viewheader (resource $imapConnection, string $id, string $passed_ent_id)
  • resource $imapConnection
  • string $id: Message ID
  • string $passed_ent_id: Nested/attached/embedded message ID (if any)
view_header (line 107)
void view_header ( $header,  $mailbox,  $color)
  • $header
  • $mailbox
  • $color

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