mailto.php -- mailto: url handler

This page facilitates handling mailto: links in SquirrelMail. It checks to see if we're logged in, and if we are, it refers the user to the compose screen (embedded in a normal, full SquirrelMail interface) with the mailto: data auto-populated in the corresponding fields. If there is no user currently logged in, the user is redirected to the login screen first, but after login, the compose screen is shown with the correct fields pre-populated.

If the administrator desires, $compose_only can be set to TRUE, in which case only a compose screen will show, not embedded in the normal SquirrelMail interface.

If the administrator wants to force a re-login every time a mailto: link is clicked on (no matter if a user was already logged in), set $force_login to TRUE.

Use the following URI when configuring a computer to handle mailto: links by using SquirrelMail:

http://<your server>/<squirrelmail base dir>/src/mailto.php?emailaddress=%1

see ../contrib/squirrelmail.mailto.NT2KXP.reg for a Windows Registry file that will set this up in the most robust manner.

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