Displays all options relating to personal information

require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/imap.php') (line 15)

SquirrelMail required files.

SMOPT_GRP_CONTACT = 0 (line 18)
SMOPT_GRP_REPLY = 1 (line 19)
SMOPT_GRP_SIG = 2 (line 20)
SMOPT_GRP_TZ = 3 (line 21)
load_optpage_data_personal (line 36)

This function builds an array with all the information about the options available to the user, and returns it. The options are grouped by the groups in which they are displayed.

For each option, the following information is stored:

  • name: the internal (variable) name
  • caption: the description of the option in the UI
  • type: one of SMOPT_TYPE_*
  • refresh: one of SMOPT_REFRESH_*
  • size: one of SMOPT_SIZE_*
  • save: the name of a function to call when saving this option

  • return: all option information
array load_optpage_data_personal ()
save_option_signature (line 244)

Saves the signature option.

void save_option_signature ( $option)
  • $option

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