SquirrelMail Time zone functions

Function load time zone array selected in SquirrelMail configuration.

Time zone array must consist of key name that matches key in standard time zone array and 'NAME' and 'TZ' subkeys. 'NAME' key should store translatable key name. 'TZ' key should store time zone name that will be used in TZ environment variable. Both subkeys are optional. If they are not present, time zone key name is used.

sq_get_tz_array (line 28)

Returns time zone array set in SquirrelMail configuration

  • return: time zone array
  • since: 1.5.1
array sq_get_tz_array ()
sq_get_tz_key (line 70)
  • return: time zone name used for TZ env (false, if timezone does not exists and server's TZ should be used)
  • since: 1.5.1
string sq_get_tz_key (string $sTZ)
  • string $sTZ: time zone string

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