SquirrelMail time zone library

Used ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/tzdata2005j.tar.gz as reference

Time zone array must consist of key name that matches time zone name in GNU C library and 'LINK', 'NAME' and 'TZ' subkeys. 'LINK' subkey is used to define time zone aliases ('Link some/name other/name' in GNU C). It should link to other time zone array entry with 'NAME' and 'TZ' subkeys. Linking to 'LINK' entries will cause errors in time zone library checks. 'NAME' key should store translatable time zone name. 'TZ' key should store time zone name that will be used in TZ environment variable. Array entries can use 'LINK' or 'TZ' subkeys. 'LINK' and 'TZ' subkeys should not be used in same array key. 'NAME' subkeys are optional and used only in display of 'TZ' key entries.

array $aTimeZones (line 46)

Standard timezone array.

TZ subkeys must be updated if some government decides to change timezone.

Generic abbreviations:

  • GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
  • UTC - Coordinated Universal Time
  • UCT - Universal Coordinate Time

Array is not globalized in order to save memory. Used array is extracted with sq_get_tz_array(). Array is loaded only when strict time zone is set or personal information option page is loaded. 'timezones' gettext domain must be set before loading this array.

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