Prevents users from reposting their form data after a successful logout.

Derived from webmail.php by Ralf Kraudelt <kraude@wiwi.uni-rostock.de>

require (SM_PATH.'include/load_prefs.php') (line 158)

The cookie part. session_start and session_regenerate_session normally set

their own cookie. SquirrelMail sets another cookie which overwites the php cookies. The sqsetcookie function sets the cookie by using the header function which gives us full control how the cookie is set. We do that to add the HttpOnly cookie attribute which blocks javascript access on IE6 SP1.

require ('../include/init.php') (line 20)

Include the SquirrelMail initialization file.

require_once (SM_PATH.'functions/strings.php') (line 24)
attachment_common_parse (line 198)
void attachment_common_parse ( $str)
  • $str

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