This contains all messages, including information, error, and just about any other message you can think of.

error_box (line 143)

Displays error message

Since 1.4.1 function checks if page header is already displayed.

Since 1.4.3 and 1.5.1, this function contains the error_box hook. Use plain_error_message() and make sure that page header is created, if you want compatibility with 1.4.0 and older.

In 1.5.2 second function argument is changed. Older functions used it for $color array, new function uses it for optional link data. Function will ignore color array and use standard colors instead.

The $return_output argument was added in 1.5.2

  • since: 1.3.2
void error_box (string $string, [array $link = NULL], [boolean $return_output = FALSE])
  • string $string: Error message to be displayed
  • array $link: Optional array containing link details to be displayed. Array uses three keys. 'URL' key is required and should contain link URL. 'TEXT' key is optional and should contain link name. 'FRAME' key is optional and should contain link target attribute.
  • boolean $return_output: When TRUE, output is returned to caller instead of being sent to browser (OPTIONAL; default = FALSE)
error_message (line 26)

Displays error message and URL to message listing

Fifth argument ($color array) is removed in 1.5.2.

  • since: 1.0
void error_message (string $message, string $mailbox, integer $sort, integer $startMessage)
  • string $message: error message
  • string $mailbox: mailbox name
  • integer $sort: sort order
  • integer $startMessage: first message
error_option_save (line 189)

Adds message that informs about non fatal error that can happen while saving preferences

  • since: 1.5.1 and 1.4.5
void error_option_save (string $message)
  • string $message: error message
logout_error (line 59)

Displays error when user is logged out

Error strings can be overriden by logout_error hook

  • since: 1.2.6
void logout_error (string $errString, [string $errTitle = ''])
  • string $errString: error message
  • string $errTitle: title of page with error message
plain_error_message (line 47)

Displays error message

Second argument ($color array) is changed to boolean $return_output as of 1.5.2.

  • since: 1.0
void plain_error_message (string $message, [boolean $return_output = FALSE])
  • string $message: error message
  • boolean $return_output: When TRUE, output is returned to caller instead of being sent to browser (OPTIONAL; default = FALSE)

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