SquirrelMail Preview Pane Plugin

SM_PATH = '../' (line 37)
preview_pane_change_message_target (line 108)

Points message targets to open in the preview pane

(and possibly refresh message list as well)

void preview_pane_change_message_target ( $args)
  • $args
preview_pane_info (line 43)

Returns info about this plugin

void preview_pane_info ()
preview_pane_message_list (line 94)

Construct button that clears out any preview pane contents and inserts JavaScript function used by message subject link onclick handler. Also disallows the message list to be loaded into the bottom frame.

void preview_pane_message_list ()
preview_pane_open_close_buttons (line 122)

Adds preview pane open/close (and clear) buttons next to

"provider link"

void preview_pane_open_close_buttons ()
preview_pane_show_options (line 78)

Build user options for display on "Display Preferences" page

void preview_pane_show_options ()
preview_pane_version (line 65)

Returns version info about this plugin

void preview_pane_version ()
squirrelmail_plugin_init_preview_pane (line 18)

Register this plugin with SquirrelMail

void squirrelmail_plugin_init_preview_pane ()

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