SquirrelMail NewMail plugin

Sample configuration file

boolean $newmail_allowsound (line 53)

Set $newmail_allowsound to false if you don't want sound files available

boolean $newmail_mediacompat_mode (line 70)

controls insertion of embed tags

array $newmail_mmedia (line 85)

List of available multimedia files.

For example. $newmail_mmedia['notify']['types'] = array(SM_NEWMAIL_FILETYPE_SWF,SM_NEWMAIL_FILETYPE_MP3,SM_NEWMAIL_FILETYPE_WAV); $newmail_mmedia['notify']['args'] = array('width'=>0,'height'=>0);

These two entries say that media/ directory contains notify.swf, notify.mp3 and notify.wav files Object elements for these files should use zero width and height attributes

boolean $newmail_uploadsounds (line 62)

Set $newmail_uploadsounds to false if you don't want to allow uploading of custom sound files.

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