Implementation of RFC 2369 for SquirrelMail. When viewing a message from a mailinglist complying with this RFC, this plugin displays a menu which gives the user a choice of mailinglist commands such as (un)subscribe, help and list archives.

get_non_rfc_lists (line 23)

Get current list of subscribed non-RFC-compliant mailing lists for logged-in user

  • return: The list of mailing list addresses, keyed by integer index
array get_non_rfc_lists ()
listcommands_fieldsdescr (line 212)

Returns an array with the actions as translated strings.

  • return: action as key, translated string as value
array listcommands_fieldsdescr ()
plugin_listcommands_menu_do (line 65)

internal function that builds mailing list links

void plugin_listcommands_menu_do ()
plugin_listcommands_optpage_register_block_do (line 43)

Show mailing list management option section on options page

void plugin_listcommands_optpage_register_block_do ()

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